Jennifer Mullett, Laura Dove, Augusta Meacham and Jennifer Bradley worked a collective 33 years alongside legendary divorce attorney Betty A. Thompson before her passing in 2012 after an unprecedented 62-year legal career.

Fondly known as the Queen of Domestic Relations Law by admiring colleagues, Ms. Thompson was widely recognized as one of the best divorce attorneys in the country. She was dedicated to the practice of law and passionately gave her time and resources to the betterment of the legal community. She developed a specialty in domestic relations practice during the 1960s and is credited with writing and lobbying for many crucial changes to the Virginia Code relating to divorce, support and equitable distribution of property.

Ms. Thompson’s accomplishments, professional accolades and distinctions are extensive. She excelled as a vigorous and compassionate advocate for her clients, constantly raising the standard of practice in the legal community.

The partners of Mullett Dove Meacham & Bradley were fortunate to begin their legal careers under the tutelage of Ms. Thompson, who worked one-on-one with each attorney from their first day of practice to offer intensive training and mentoring. Ms. Thompson imparted her passion for the law and impressed upon her associates the importance of hard work, individualized client service and maintaining uncompromised standards of professionalism.

Intent on continuing the firm’s highly reputable domestic relations and family law practice, the attorneys established the law firm of Mullett Dove Meacham & Bradley, PLLC in September 2012.

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